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I love cooking and have been doing it for a lifetime. I like to gather friends and family around the dining table and spoil them with some lovingly prepared dishes.
My cuisine is traditional Italian/Mediterranean, with great attention to the quality and freshness of the ingredients. As in many Italian families, even in my family cooking and gathering around a table was very important. As a child, I used to go shopping with my mother, following her while choosing the raw ingredients. Then I grew up and began to put into practice everything I had seen in the kitchen of mom and grandma ... and since then I have never stopped! The years spent in the south of France and the travels have enriched my repertoire and given an extra touch with spices and perfumes, but the priority remains the quality of the products: first choice meat, fresh - and possibly organic – vegetables, Italian extra virgin olive oil bought directly from the oil mill ... these are just some of the bases for creating tasty and healthy dishes, that I hope you will like too.
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